International Academy of Clear Aligners 
is the most advanced information platform for modern dentists. This is a global research and educational center that provides international level training in aligner therapy.

The aesthetic treatment demand is growing every year. Statistics show that world dentistry is radically changing due to digital technology rapid development. The great improvement of 3D printing and virtual diagnostics has led to the creation of an educational resource that is designed to help dentists to master modern technologies and successfully implement them into their practice.

Our goal is to train as many progressive-minded doctors as possible and to form the professional community of the Academy of Aligners. On our portal you have access to all relevant educational activities on aligner therapy as well as library of useful practical materials, information about main events and our speakers. We provide you the opportunity to get trained by world leading experts from North America, Europe, Australia and Japan directly in their clinics and under their supervision. This will help you to improve your aligner-therapy skills and better understand modern digital technology integration into your daily practice.

Since 2019 students, postgraduates and experienced dentists can attend specialized advanced training courses and receive a certificate confirming their status as an “Expert in Aligner Therapy” (Aligner Therapy Specialist).

We try to make patients’ treatment as comfortable, effective and painless as possible by using innovative methods of modern dentistry.

The Academy uses only clinically proven treatment methods that are guaranteed to improve the dentists’ professionalism and their professional status. The IACA training program supports doctors in learning the details of working with aligners and find their individual approach to the usage of “transparent orthodontics” as well as to improve the quality of their work and to attract new patients that are seeking treatment for aesthetics and health. A comprehensive program consists of the following important components:

Experienced doctors may apply for a lecturer position at the International Academy of Aligners (knowledge of English is an asset).

To determine the professional level a candidate should take a test the results of which will help to determine the suitable training program.

Every month more than 80,000 people look for Aligners using Google search and almost as many do that via Yandex.
90% of these people are patients!

We teach safe and effective methods of bite correction which can be used not only by orthodontists but by dentists of all specialties (thanks to a breakthrough in the field of digital dentistry, software development, knowledge and experience of aligner specialists from all over the world accumulated over years).

“The idea of creating the International Academy of Aligners came after talking with dentists from North America and Europe.  This technology for many years is an indispensable tool in the hands of a doctor in many countries.  Unfortunately, many experts still do not trust the clear aligners and this technique is still surrounded by myths and doubts.  The goal of our Academy as  I see is to tell doctors about how the aligners evolved over the years when they first appeared, and share the accumulated knowledge of colleagues from around the world.  At the moment, the treatment with the aligners is a 100% alternative to braces and allow working even with the most complex clinical cases.  This technique allows the doctor and the patient to save time, but it is necessary to study the nuances, peculiarities of work, and also to communicate with experienced colleagues who are ready to share their results and observations.  I will try to apply all my strengths and competencies in the field of medicine, technology, and management in order to develop transparent orthodontics, create a professional community of align-therapists and provide you with the opportunity to learn from the best teachers. ”

Kulikovskaia Maria
CEO of International Academy of Aligners