4 days of Intensive Training Course in Madrid, Spain.

Speaker Dr. Cristina Viyuela Madrid, Spain
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Program and description of the event

4 days of Intensive Training Course in Madrid, Spain.
After years of teaching Invisalign as Invisalign Clinical Speaker, Dr. Cristina Viyuela has created her own private Master based in the Invisalign System in Madrid, Spain. We are happy to announce we will start an English version in 2018 for foreign doctors who want to improve their skills and to go into a higher level of qualification and confidence.

To Inspire Doctors through a Comprehensive, Global, Learning by Doing, Ready to Use and Self-Sufficient educational experience in the Invisalign technique with Best Human and Technological means in an enrichment environment”.


• Place: CRISTINA VIYUELA Dental Clinic in Madrid.
• Training room with round tables, flip charts, magnetic blackboard, TV Screen & all necessary materials.
• TV closed system of two cameras with direct access to training room: Video Camera HD in dental chair and Ambient Box Video Camara.
• Professional, Qualified, Experienced and Client Oriented team guided by Dra. Cristina Viyuela.
• Enrichment learning environment.
• Excellent location in Madrid City Center. Communication, Hotel Infrastructure, Cultural & Entertainment activities.

A. Align Technology. Context.

B. My Personal Experience:

• How everything started. Journey to Invisalign´s heart.
• Learning Curve. Keys to understand and Conquer Invisalign.

C. The Invisalign Universe:

• Predictible movements/Limits.
• ClinCheck Software. Attachments. SmartForce Features…
• Placement of Attachments on a real patient.


• How to send a treatment Plan. Comunication with technitians.
• ClinCheck Review and ClinCheck Pro.

D. Invisalign treatment Phases. 1st Phase. The everyday in the practice. Placement of Attachments, IPR, regular appointments…on real patients.

A. Class I Malocclusions:

• Class I Malocclusion with Diastemas. Clinical Cases.
• Class I Malocclusion with severe crowding. Clinical Cases.


B. A-P Malocclusions:

• How to fill in the prescription form. Class II and Class III Elastic protocols.
• Class II Malocclussions. Secuential Distalization. Esthetic Start. Aesthetic Camuflaje/ Limits. Miniscrews.

Clinical Cases.

• Anterior-Posterior Corrections in Class I (Distalizing both arches). Miniscrews. Clinical Cases.


• Class III Malocclusions. IPR, lower molar distalization, miniscrews. Clinical Cases.

C. Invisalign Teen.

• Clinical Cases.

D. Auxiliary Techniques.

Vertical Discrepancies:

A. Introduction to Vertical Discrepancies.

B. Deep Bite Malocclusions:

• Invisalign G5 Innovations.
• 5 strategies to treat the Deep Bite.
• Prescription Form. Questions 6 and 7.
• Clínical Cases.
• My Treatment Protocol for Deep Bite.


C. Open Bite Malocclusions:

• 5 strategies to treat the Open Bite.
• Prescription Form. Questions 6 and 7.
• Clinical Cases.
• My Treatment Protocol for Open Bite.

D. Vertical Discrepancies Conclussions.


Cross Bite Malocclusions.

• Clinical Cases.
• Secuential expantion.


Extraction Cases.

• Lower Incisor Extraction.
• Extraction of First Premolars. Invisalign G6.
• Extraction of Second Premolars. Power Arm.

A. The New Dentistry, Smile Design with Invisalign.

• Invisalign i7
• Invisalign Lite.


B. Invisalign treatment Phases. 2nd Phase. The everyday in the practice. Getting the patient readfy for Aditional Aligners and Finishing.

C. Finishing with Invisalign:

• Introduction to the posterior open bite at the end of treatment.
• Causes and solutions for the posterior open bite at the end of treatment.
• Tools for a great finish.
• Conclusions.

D. Future of Invisalign.

Note 1: In both modules there will be quotes from reviews of real patients and ClinCheck reviews of the Doctors.

Note 2: Between the two modules will be enabled an online platform to resolve questions and doubts that may arise.


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4 days of Intensive Training Course in Madrid, Spain.

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