Master - course in transparent orthodontics

Speaker Dr. Arturo Vela-Hernández Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain
Address: Madrid, Spain   View map

Program and description of the event

Training takes place in Spain – in Madrid and Barcelona. Duration – 5 days. Individual adjustment of the program is possible for each group.

The goal of this course is to teach practical and effective methods of treating all types of bites using a system of aligners in a predictable and controlled way. It is designed for professionals who are already certified and have experience with work as a plan to help them implement an effective method of treatment planning, from the simplest to the most complex.

Dr. Arturo Vela’s extensive teaching experience makes his courses intensive, interactive and very practical. The training is also conducted with the participation of Dr. Ignacio Morales, who has extensive experience in training with the Invisalign system.

Training is divided into modules. In each of the modules, various clinical problems are considered from a biomechanical point of view, so that students gain in-depth knowledge of how and why this system works. They will study effective and proven protocols, but the goal is that the students themselves can develop their own protocols according to their individual approaches to the practice of orthodontics.

– New concepts, new tools.

– How to use Smart Forces to make ClinChecks truly predictable.

– Valid protocols and special instructions. Smart planning. How to optimize treatment with the help of aligners. Monitoring Keys. What things you should not lose sight of at each visit.

– IPR in practice. Realistic readings for Full, Lite and I7.

– How to handle extension and cross-bites.

– Invisalign Teen: ITMA revolution. Myths and realities. Effective protocols. Problems and solutions.

The main auxiliary methods. Elastics, microscrews, auxiliary springs.

Deep bite:

– Protocols for class-II distalization, mesialization, additional methods.

– How to plan predictably “virtual jump”.

– Optimization of the frequency of changing the aligners. Weekly shift?

– Treatment planning for open bites. Applied biomechanics and realistic protocols.

– How to finish the job “good.”

– The concept of “active hold”.

– Protocols for classes III. G6 protocol and others. Problems and solutions.

– Biomechanics in combination with micro-screws. Types of screws, indications and protocols.

– Perodontitis and aligners.

– Surgical cases. Surgery – before or after? Indications and protocols.

– Complex and combined auxiliary equipment.

– Impacted teeth.

– Acceleration of the movement of teeth (vibration, light, laser, microperforation).

– Aesthetics and Digital Smile Design. Contouring secrets.

After completing this course, students will know the capabilities of the aligners, the possible difficulties of working with them, as well as the reasons and ways to solve them.

You will learn the basics in order to be able to combine treatment on alligners with all kinds of auxiliary resources, such as elastic traction, microscrews, bracket system segments, etc.

This course will help you achieve excellence in transparent orthodontics.

Master - course in transparent orthodontics

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