Dr. Diego Peydro Herrero

Valencia, Spain
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Dentistry from the University of Valencia, Spain.
  • He is a specialist in Orthodontics and Maxillary Orthopedics from the University of Southern Mississippi Institution, where he also received training to be a specialist in invisible orthodontics.
  • He has received the distinction “Diamond Doctor”, the highest Invisalign category, which makes him one of the dentists with most experience in this technique in the world.
  • In 2005, Dr Diego Peydro set off on a path that sought to combine the latest invisible orthodontics techniques with smile design.
  • He has developed his own technique that brings together the use of Invisalign aligners and micro-screws. Doctors from around the world follow his work closely and come to Spain to learn this groundbreaking technique.
  • Doctor Peydro’s philosophy is that all cases can be corrected with aligners, once you have mastered the technique. Anybody can become an Invisalign patient.
  • He has published a number of articles in international orthodontics magazines, which mainly focus on how to correct complex cases using aligners and micro-screws.
  • He was the first conference speaker invited to talk on the Invisalign technique at the famous Newton’s Orthodontic Training Center in Taiwan, led by Doctor Chris Chang, where dentists from all over the world go to receive elite orthodontics training.
  • He has numerous public events scheduled for the coming years.
  • He led the first wholly online continuous Invisalign Technique training program along with Dr. Chris Chang at Newton’s Orthodontic Center, Taiwan.
  • He also holds a Master’s Degree in the Damon System orthodontic technique and is certified in Incognito System’s Lingual and WIN orthodontic techniques.
  • He is the co-director of the Clear Ortho International COIP Master’s Program, in which he teaches dentists from around the world to work with and get the most from the Invisalign technique.
  • In recent years, he has taught thousands of dentists from countries such as Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong among others to enhance their professional development through the Invisalign technique.
  • He has been invited to speak on numerous occasions at Invisalign’s annual European Meeting.
  • He is currently an international speaker for Invisalign, teaching certification courses as well as more advanced programs such as the Master Classes.
  • He was Professor of Orthodontics at the European University of Madrid, EUM (Valencia campus).
  • His numerous conferences include:
    • Keynote address to the Valencia Dental Association on the possibilities offered by invisible orthodontics techniques, 2014.
    • Keynote address to the Annual Congress of the Portuguese Orthodontics Association, 2014.
    • Speaker at the Plastic Orthodontics Symposium, in 2011 and 2012.
    • Invisalign Forum Spain, 2012.
    • Speaker at the Invisalign European Forum, 2011 and 2015.
    • Speaker at the Damon Forum Symposium in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
    • Invisalign Technique Advanced Master Classes in numerous countries since 2010.
  • He also co-directs the Peydro Dental Clinic in Valencia, where his work focuses on smile design using the latest, most advanced invisible orthodontic techniques.


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