Dr. Iván Malagón

Madrid, Spain
  • Dentist graduated from the Madrid Complutense University, 2002.
  • Specialist in orthodontics, orthopedics, and maxillo-mandibular orthognathic surgery. University of Southern Mississippi Institution.
  • Unique dentist included among 40 most relevant doctors into “The Excellence of Medicine in Spain”, published by LastWord Publishers.
  • Director of “University Expert in orthodontics using clear aligners”, Universidad Alfonso X (Valencia – Spain).
  • Co-director of the “Invisalign Excellence Master Class” and “ Clear Ortho International program”.


  • DSD Scientific Board Member (DSD Masters) and DSD instructor. DSD / Ortho Specialist.
  • “Advantage Elite Club” Invisalign European Scientific Board.
  • “Invisalign Diamond Doctor” category, the highest category internationally awarded by Align Technology (Invisalign).
  • Teacher collaborator at the University of Alcalá.
  • Unique specialist in Spain awarded the category “Invisalign Diamond Doctor” in its 6 editions (2012 – 2017).
  • First Preferred Provider with the Invisalign technique in Spain (2011 – 2017).
  • More than 1,700 cases treated exclusively with the Invisalign technique Align Technology (Invisalign) “Clinical Speaker” and “Study Club Speaker”.


Dr. Iván Malagón is an international specialist in invisible orthodontics, in which he holds the highest professional category – Invisalign Diamond Doctor. Master of international  DSD group, composed of highly specialized professionals in the advanced technique  Digital Design of Smiles. His professional work is aimed at combining aesthetics and health, achieving excellent aesthetics and perfect oral health, which has made him the “head” dentist for celebrities. His extensive experience has been recognized with different awards; among them the Gold Medal for Professional Prestige of the Europe Forum 2001 or the inclusion in the book: “Medical Excellence in Spain”, which gathers the experience of the 40 most relevant Medicine specialists in our country.


He combines his care work with an active participation in the development and innovation of new techniques and materials in the field of invisible orthodontics, he co-directs the postgraduate training “Master Class Excellence Invisible Orthodontics”, “Digital Smile Architecture”, “Clear Ortho International Program “, in which more than 1000  professionals have been trained, as well as collaborating in the training of specialists in national and international universities. He is the coordinator and professor of the I Clinical Master in Digital Orthodontics with Invisalign technology. In addition, the doctor has launched different social projects calling for collaboration and solidarity from the Iván Malagón foundation. Under the motto “Smiles with a soul”, and together with his professional team, he helps children without economic capacity or access to public health to have the dental health they deserve.


Director of “University Expert in orthodontics using clear aligners”.

Professor of “Postgraduate of Orthodontics”, University of Alcalá (Spain).

Director of ortho postgraduates “Invisalign Masterclass”, “Smart & Fast Orthodontics with aligners not only for orthodontist” and “Digital Smile Architecture”.

Co-director of ortho postgraduate training programs “Clear Ortho International Program COIP”.

DSD Scientific Board Member (DSD Masters) and DSD instructor. DSD / Ortho Specialist.

Invisalign and Acceledent “Clinical Speaker” & Key Opinion Leader (KOL).

“Advantage Elite Club” member. Invisalign European Scientific Board.

Unique specialist in Spain awarded in the category ” Invisalign Diamond Doctor” in its 7 editions (2.012-2.018).

More than 1,800 cases treated exclusively with the clear aligners technique.

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COIP – Clear Ortho International Program

Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain

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