Dr. Terry Whitty

Sydney, Australia

Terry Whitty is one of the most experienced and unique specialists and teachers in the field of modern dental technologies, equipment for innovative dental laboratories and building up streamlined workflows. He helps doctors, owners of clinics and manufacturers to understand the diversity of equipment and technical solutions for laboratories, as well as building up business processes in production based on his huge entrepreneurial experience.


Mr. Whitty is the owner of Truline Dental, a specialized dental laboratory in Sydney, which he has been managing for over 21 years. This laboratory performs a complete production cycle of dental aligners (own technology) using the best software and equipment solutions.


Terry Whitty is also the founder and owner of Fabdent, a large dental laboratory in Sydney specializing in the production of high-tech products in the world of digital dentistry. Uses the latest advances in intraoral scanning, CAD / CAM, milling, polishing and 3D printing technologies used in most dental specialties, including orthodontics, prosthetics, computer planning and implantation guide, TMD, maxillofacial treatment, obstructive sleep apnea treatment and pediatrics.


Terry Whitty is a renowned opinion leader in the field of dental manufacturing and lectures at the national and international levels on a wide range of dental technologies and materials science, including the design of orthodontic devices, dentistry, laser dental technologies, etc. He is the technical editor of eLABORATE Magazine, the leading Australian dental technology publication, which has published over 30 articles on various topics.


His scholarly articles also appear in various international journals translated into many languages.

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